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There are approximately 35 million cars registered and in circulation in the Mexican Republic, and millions of new vehicles are registered annually. All of them will become potential customers of the mechanical workshops, usually from the third year of age of the vehicles.

The car repair market is mostly made up of informal businesses that do not offer guarantees, so competition at the level of excellence is very little, creating a great business opportunity. Thinking about investing in a franchise of excellence, with technology, constant training and first class service, becomes a
great idea.


The difference


EPS franchises have proven to be highly effective in generating a profitable operation. So far we are the Mexican franchise for automotive maintenance with greater coverage nationwide, which helps us achieve important negotiations for purchase of spare parts, equipment, advertising, fleets, etc.

We currently have more than 40 centers in operation and we continue our expansion with upcoming openings.

Why EPS?


  • The franchisee does not require previous experience in the automotive industry.

  • Permanent technical assistance from our experts.

  • Training and technical update program.

  • We are the only Mexican franchise that competes at the international level.

  • Permanent advice and supervision of the business, through periodic visits that cover all operational and administrative aspects of the Service Centers.

  • Highly trained staff

  • Equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Do you want to be our franchisee?


At EPS we are committed to the success of our Franchisees and we work hand in hand with

Hand with them to achieve it. However, it is essential that they comply with the following profile to guarantee the best results for the business

  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit as a personal quality, with the will to develop personal initiative with creativity, dynamism, critical sense, and the ability to assume risks.

  • Have an advertising vision; recognize the value of advertising as a vital investment for the business and not as an expense and demonstrate commitment to advertising efforts institutional and local areas on a constant basis.

  • ​Ability to work as a team


  • Be proactive, responsible, honest, show interest in the  sales, have service vocation and be loyal.