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The most complete safety inspection in the market, free of charge with the purchase of any of our services.
Paq 1 y 2

Package 2 - Tune up

• Complete engine tune-up
• Oil and filter change (according to manufacturer’s specs.)
• Brake inspection
• Fluids check and refill
• Car Cleaning

Package 1 – Engine Lubrication

• Up to 5 qt. of oil (according to specification)
• Oil filter
• Fluids check and refill (1/2 qt.)
• Safety inspection
• Car cleaning

Paq 3 y 4

Package 3 - Brakes

• Brake pad replacement
• Brake assemblies check:
    - Brake rotors or drums
    - Adjustment of brake control valves
    - Sensors, connectors and the ABS system
    - Brake Calipers 
    - Master cylinder and wheel cylinders
• System leak inspection
• Hoses and brake lines check
• Brake fluid quality, level and system purge
• Car Cleaning

Package 4 – Cooling system service

• Drain of used antifreeze liquid
• Thermostat check
• System cleaning
• Refill of new mixture of antifreeze
• System purge
• Car Cleaning

Alieneacion y balanceo

Alignment and Balancing

• 4 wheels 3D alignment
• Balancing, steel or aluminum
• Car cleaning
• Autoprotect© safety inspection

Air Conditioning

• A / C system diagnosis
• Review and adjustment of R134A gas pressure
• Cabin filter check (pollen)
• Car cleaning
• Autoprotect© safety inspection

Llantas y trans


• Removal of old tires 
• Inspection of lug nuts and wheels
• Installation of new valve stems as needed
• Mounting and sealing of new tires
• Inflating and balancing each tire

Automatic transmission

• Component Diagnosis
• Oil change by transfusion
• TCM and/or kickdown calibration
• Car cleaning
• Autoprotect© safety inspection


Timing belt

• By mileage, according to manufacturer specs.
• Belt, pulleys and tensioner replacement
• Water pump change
• Cooling system cleaning
• Antifreeze
• Car cleaning
• Autoprotect© safety inspection

Servicios Correctivos

Corrective Services

  • Factory Specifications

  • Trained technicians

  • Quality parts

No one knows your car better than those who manufactured it, so all our recommendations and services are based on the specifications that each manufacturer provides for their vehicles. Oils, spark plugs and calibrations are always what your car needs to function as only you know it.

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