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The most complete safety inspection in the market, free of charge with the purchase of any of our services
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It is the most complete security inspection in the market, that offers an immediate fault detection. It is a bumper to bumper inspection. The results are informed by a written report, detailing the priority of each item and the price of the repair, in order to obtain your authorization to correct any failure.


  • HIGH (Security level): It is very important to correct any failure listed here, for your safety. The safety points of this level are: Brakes, suspension, steering, lights and tires.

  • CONSIDER (Preventive Level): Any problem that may affect your car in the short or medium term. The safety points of this level are: Bands, tuning, lubrication, fluids.

  • FOLLOW (Optional level): They are considered aesthetic points. Such as paint, upholstery, small scratches, and minor failures that do not affect your safety.


  • No repair will be made without authorization.

  • The prices of the report are guaranteed for 30 days.

  • In the event that when disarming, new failures might be declared, we will inform you from the beginning and guarantee a new report detailing the appearance of them and the costs for their correction, in order to obtain a new authorization.

  • All repairs made in EPS are guaranteed for 6 months or 6000 miles, whichever comes first, and are governed by the EPS Warranty Policy.


AutoProtect© is a courtesy service and does not imply the total elimination of present or future failures. However, our goal is your peace of mind. The application of the AutoProtect© System does not extend the EPS Warranty, nor does it grant a warranty on un-repaired parts. It is the client's obligation to consult and enforce the EPS Warranty.

Servicio A Domicilio
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Free in the purchase of any of our services, at home, at your office or wherever you prefer.

We pick up your car for service and return it to your location at no additional cost. In addition, you can make your payment upon delivery.

This service is available simply with a call.
The service is limited to a 5 M limited radio coverage area, around our workshop.

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