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Ferrari introduces the FI5, a ventilator to help Covid-19 patients.

The ‘Cavallino Rampante’ brand collaborated with the Italian Institute of Technology using readily available materials, generating a lung ventilator at a smaller cost than the ventilators found today.

The FI5 is a ventilator that Ferrari and the Italian Institute of Technology developed in only 5 weeks, in conjunction with Camozzi, a company specialized in equipment manufacturing.

This project came true after the Italian Institute of Technology went to Ferrari looking for help to speed up the process of creating this device since the Maranello house had the engineers and the technology to design such a complex apparatus. The head of Ferrari Chassis Engineering, Simone Resta, was in charge of the project together with Corrado Onorato, head of the department of innovation of Ferrari F1.

The name of the ventilator carries part of the history of its creation, the F is for Ferrari, the I, for the Italian Institute of Technology, and the 5, for the number of weeks it took them to get it ready.

Ferrari reported that the lung ventilator is now ready to be used in hospitals as a vital tool for emergencies like the current global coronavirus pandemic.

"This project was a very thrilling experience as well as rewarding for all those involved, who worked intimately with our IIT colleagues and other associates. Initiatives like this, make #essereFerrari, not only a slogan but a distinctive feature of our identity”, concluded Simone Resta.

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